• Building flat packs
    since 2004
  • Building flat packs
    since 2004
  • Building flat packs
    since 2004
  • Building flat packs
    since 2004


Speedy House Jiangsu is a leading producer of made in China cabins, shelters, prefabs, portable units, house containers, accommodation and office modules for any need.
Founded in 2006, 2 years after the construction of its first made in China cabin, Speedy House has expanded its business gaining the favor of customers all over the world and becoming an internationally recognized point of reference in the industry.

The Company manufactures and sells  accommodation containers of various types:

  • the so-called flatpacks, for both the international and China market
  • quick basic conversion kits for ISO containers («Speedy kits»); since 2019, Speedy House also carries out custom made ISO container conversions
  • components (steel frames and other items) which allow our customers to build their own prefab modules “in house”.
  • over roofs, stairs, walkways, terraces and any other steel made item required to make the mobile units or the camp more functional.

Modules and modular buildings made in China are widely used by military troops, oil and gas, mining and construction industries, hospitals, catering and trade companies for the most various purposes such as accommodation, office, dining room, kitchen, classroom, changing room, shop, showroom, clinic, control room, isolation room, guard house, and countless applications where space is required.


Flat Pack «Classic»

Flat Pack «Classic»

The «Classic» flat pack concept brings cabin modularity to the next level. It joins the advantages of a cheaper transportation from China with those of a modular construction (easy to build, joinab...
Flat Pack «Essential»

Flat Pack «Essential»

Even though built with cost effective materials ,it is engineered like our classic flatpack portable unit made in China and therefore maintains all features of it (fully modular , joinable ,stackab...
Container Conversions

Container Conversions

Whenever customer wants something “ready to use” with a minimal assembly activity, safe and durable, ISO container conversion made in China is the way to go. We will supply both the ISO contain...

Our Story

First flat pack is built
Speedy House starts its business in Baoshan (Shanghai)
Supply of accommodation camps for peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan for UK, Lithuania, Italy, Canada Army
Obtained “Kazakhstan Quality System Certification”
Supply of large accommodation camps in Techno park and Jafza South ,Dubai.
Relocation to a larger factory in Qingpu (Shanghai); obtained “ISO9001/2015 Quality Management System Certification”
Start up of UAE market with the supply of large quantity of modules and steel frames 2011 - supply of school in Haiti for Municipality of Port au Prince
Supply of accommodation camps for final users in Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Uganda
Development of domestic market with modules supplied all over China
Obtained Russia “Certificate of Conformity” ; supply of accommodation camp in Russia, Amur region
Relocation to a new, larger factory built on a company-owned land in Dongtai.
Supply of first ISO converted containers camp in Somalia UN.
Supply of “dark kitchen” block in Central America
Factory expansion: building of a new 10.000m2 warehouse in Dongtai to further develop the domestic and conversion market

“Building flat packs
since 2004„


No. 6 Star Park,
Metal Material Industrial area,
Nanshengzao Town,
Dongtai City,Jiangsu China


2280, Wenchuan Road, Yanghang Town,
Baoshan District Shanghai 201901 China

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